• Barbecue – Popular Sport in Argentina

    Barbecuing is our passion.

    It’s high time that you know where the meat, which lies on your plate, comes from……

    …..Argentina, 7500 air miles away, a country eleven times as large as Germany.

    And yet it only has 33 million inhabitants but 55 million perfectly healthy cattle.

    On the seemingly endless pastures of the Argentinean Pampa, where each of the 55 million cattle has at least 20,000 square meters for themselves to graze, they grow up into excellent quality cattle.

    Argentinean cattle can grow up solely on pure grass; there is no need for feed supplements.

    The result: Argentinean meat tastes like meat and is of the highest quality, healthy, lean and tender.


    Whilst bull fattening in stables predominates in Europe, Argentinean cattle live outside and without stables all year round.

  • Tastes differ.

    In order to offer every guest the perfect steak, we have four different types of steak to choose from.

    Point Steak, low fat, juicy

    Filet Steak, the most expensive piece of beef, low fat, juicy, tender

    Rump Steak, lightly marbled, typical rim of fat, rich in flavor

    Entrecôte (Ribeye), more marbled, the fat core gives the special taste


  • What else is there?

    Spareribs, pork fillet, grilled pork belly, lamb crown, leg of lamb, turkey steak, salads with warm meat, Argentine BBQ and blood sausage, pata negra ham and much more.

    Very popular is our little mixed grill, where a small grill filled with charcoal is placed on the table.

    It’s equipped with either meat of beef, lamb and/or pork.